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Just What the Therapist Ordered

By accident, I discovered how Bollywood and bhangra dance can help manage Parkinson's disease

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From Our Archives: Bonnie Kim Reflects on Dancing in Jean-Pierre Perreault’s JOE

The 1995 filmed version of the work streams this week

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Confined by the Calendar

Because I have to follow the Eurocentric calendar, it has been a decade since I have been able to train in India

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Why I Left Toronto

The city boasts inclusivity and opportunity, but that’s not what I experienced

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Adding Colour to Dance Health

Decision-making and leadership in dance health lacks cultural diversity

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What Lies Ahead?

Dance artists predict what they think 2021 has in store

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Finding Home Again

After years of traumatic rhetoric around body image prevented me from making it to class, virtual classes have brought me back

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Remembering Anna Wyman

A former student writes about the beloved dance teacher, choreographer and artistic director

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Dan Wild_Photo by Jeremy Mimnagh

Remembering Dan Wild

Dan Wild graced dance stages for over thirty years

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WEB Patricia Allison- Isolation

Welcome to Our World

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Dancing Before Walking

Dancing to heal damaged dendrites

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This Shape

A short story about body image

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Byron Chief Moon & JP Longboat photo by Tamara Romanchuk Nov 15

(Re)Connecting the Circle

Amy Hull Responds to Claudia Moore’s Older & Reckless #42

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The Dance Current

Message for International Dance Day From Louise Lecavalier

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All Things West

Andrea Spaziani’s The Right Eye of Clint

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Hamilton move (26 of 87)

Ecologies of Care

Dancing Peggy Baker’s move

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Textiles and Truth-Telling

Corie Kean and Bruno Vinhas’ Ori

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Lights, Curtain, Music

Robert McQueen’s creative alchemy

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Who Tells and Cries Our Freedom?

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Canadian Dancers Across the Pond

Lukas McFarlane and Madeleine Waters reveal how making a big move impacted their careers

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Shawn Hounsell is Always Crossing Boundaries

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Diving Deeper

Suggestions for engaging a feminist pedagogy in the studio

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