The Benefits of Community Dance Programs for Your Body and Mind

Dance physiotherapist Geneviève Renaud on why these community classes should be part of your exercise routine


The Subtle but Mind-Blowing Benefits of Yin Yoga for Movers

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Chosen Kinship

What Does Your Community Look Like?

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A Perfect Pairing

Toronto Symphony Orchestra and Thorgy Thor combine drag and orchestral music in Thorgy Thor and the Thorchestra

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Summer Dance Directory 2023

A directory of dance programs scheduled to take place in Summer 2023.

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A New Name for a New Era

The School of Toronto Dance Theatre takes a bold step forward with a move to a state-of-the-art space and a new name

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What’s Worth Doing

Introducing Canada's Olympic breaking team. Q & A with b-girl Tiffany Leung

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Stories Rarely Told 

Compagnie Kunal Ranchod’s upcoming mixed program shares personal stories of immigration, love and renewal, themes not often explored in ballet

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Night Vision

A poem by Peter Chin

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Iqaluit Dance Artist and DJ Shares His Love for Music and Movement

Manzo, also known as Galaxy Cat, expands on his decision to make Iqaluit his home

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Academy of Peers

Jess Huggett and Elizabeth Emond-Stevenson on how their peer-to-peer mentorship differs from a traditional student-teacher relationship

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Curious Linda

At 76, Linda Rabin, the prolific modern dance artist and educator, still wonders: What’s next?

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It’s All in the Roots

Danza Corpus hosts its second competition at 2023’s Winter TEADE

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The Place of Race

Critical reflections on dance studies education

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Toronto-Born Choreography App Levels Up

With an understanding of the financial strains often placed on those in the arts industry, StageKeep continues to offer flexible payment options

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Open the Archive and I’ll Show You Humanity

Amy Bowring on the trials and rewards of archiving a moving art form

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How Our Brains Connect Music and Movement

Researchers at McMaster University’s LIVELab weigh in on the connection between music and movement following the lab’s 18th annual NeuroMusic Conference

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Everything Starts in Your Community

Madeline Bez, co-founder of Artists Climate Collective, on ballet's power to inspire climate change consciousness

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Behind the Scenes With Superheroes Cry Too

A Q & A with co-artistic director Céline “ezzeC” Richard-Robichon

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The Trials of Running a Small-Town Theatre

Arts Revelstoke gets creative with managing their performance space

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Behind the Scenes With Momentum of Isolation

Shay Kuebler on the challenges of mounting a production-heavy work and its resonance with a post-COVID audience

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Ellora Patnaik Talks Dance On and Offscreen Ahead of Season 2 Launch of CBC Gem’s Sort Of

Patnaik speaks with The Dance Current’s Winter 2023 issue guest editor about growth, preservation and the importance of expression

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Behind the Scenes With 100x1x2 in Saint John, N.B.

A conversation with creator Jalianne Li

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Skepticism and Hope: The Fight for Fair Pay at Révolution

Season 4 of the popular televised dance competition is underway and the show’s pay is increasing after a concerted push from dancers. But is it enough?

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