Pitch Guidelines

We encourage writers and dance artists either from Canada or living in Canada to pitch us their ideas for our print publication and our website. Rates range from $125-$400.

Please submit your pitch, ensuring it meets the guidelines below, to

We do not accept pitches by phone or mail.


  • Your pitch should be in the body of an email
  • Let us know why your pitch is unique and timely
  • Your pitch should show your original research (ex. pre-interviews) and how you will approach the story
  • Let us know where your story would fit, based on the types of articles listed below
  • If available, include links to previously published works
  • Include a 50-word author’s biography

Please note that it may take us several weeks to respond depending on where we are at in the production cycle. We will only contact you if we are interested in publishing the material. Your patience is appreciated.

Types of articles we look for

  1. REVIEWS (Online): Of any dance form across the country. Shows can be digital or in person. 500 – 750 words. Reviewers will be expected to attend opening night and submit their review within 24 hours.


  1. Q & A’S (Online): Interviews should be timely. For example, with a choreographer of a new work or with a new director of a company. 1,000 – 1,200 words.


  1. PERSONAL ESSAYS (Print/online): About unique personal experiences, with a strong point of view. 500 – 750 words.


  1. BODY COLUMNS (Print/online): Written by experts and pertaining to the physical, mental and emotional health of dance artists. 750 words.


  1. TIPS COLUMNS (Print/online): Written by experts and offering five tips for dance artists on a range of topics. 500 – 750 words.


  1. POETRY (Print/online): Short poems about dance/movement.
  1. FEATURE PROFILES (Print/online): These profiles follow an established dance artist of any dance form, from anywhere across this land we call Canada. Profiles should be timely. For example, the subject could have an upcoming show or have recently won an award. 1,800 – 2,000 words.


  1. FEATURE STORIES (Print/online): Our most in-depth articles. They include interviews with several sources and look at a relevant issue from multiple perspectives. 3,000 – 3,300 words.


  1. PHOTO ESSAYS (Print/online): A series of eight to 12 photos that visually tell a story. Can be the work of one photographer or a collection.


  1. IN CONVERSATION FEATURES (Print/online): Long-form Q & A’s with up to three sources in a roundtable discussion. 3,000-3,300 words.


FAQ for Sources

Thank you for agreeing to be interviewed by one of The Dance Current’s writers. Your voice and perspective ensure that we are getting as many sides of a story as possible, and we appreciate your time.

Below are frequently asked questions that we receive from sources. If you can’t find what you’re looking for here, please email our editor-in-chief, Anne Dion, at

Yes. We will also include any identifying information that’s needed for the story (ex. job title). Anonymity must be approved by the editor and is only granted in certain circumstances when someone’s safety or job security is at risk. Anonymity cannot be retroactively granted.

Yes. The recording will be kept private and used by the fact checker to ensure accuracy. All interviews are on the record, unless stated prior to the interview and agreed upon by the writer.

No. This is to ensure that all answers are honest and natural.

No. To protect the journalistic integrity of a story and our credibility, it’s unethical for journalists to allow sources to read a story before publication. However, our stories (reviews exempt) go through a rigorous fact-checking process. Writers submit interview recordings and email exchanges, which are all reviewed by our fact checker. In most cases, the fact checker will also do fact-checking interviews. Please don’t hesitate to flag any concerns you may have.

No. Exceptions can be made if someone’s safety is at risk, but it’s unethical to unpublish articles and remove them from the public record. These requests will be considered by the editorial team and publisher.

Please get in touch with our Editor at and the error will be corrected.