The Place of Race

Critical reflections on dance studies education

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Toronto-Born Choreography App Levels Up

With an understanding of the financial strains often placed on those in the arts industry, StageKeep continues to offer flexible payment options

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Open the Archive and I’ll Show You Humanity

Amy Bowring on the trials and rewards of archiving a moving art form

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How Our Brains Connect Music and Movement

Researchers at McMaster University’s LIVELab weigh in on the connection between music and movement following the lab’s 18th annual NeuroMusic Conference

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Everything Starts in Your Community

Madeline Bez, co-founder of Artists Climate Collective, on ballet's power to inspire climate change consciousness

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Behind the Scenes With Superheroes Cry Too

A Q & A with co-artistic director Céline “ezzeC” Richard-Robichon

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The Trials of Running a Small-Town Theatre

Arts Revelstoke gets creative with managing their performance space

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Behind the Scenes With Momentum of Isolation

Shay Kuebler on the challenges of mounting a production-heavy work and its resonance with a post-COVID audience

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Ellora Patnaik Talks Dance On and Offscreen Ahead of Season 2 Launch of CBC Gem’s Sort Of

Patnaik speaks with The Dance Current’s Winter 2023 issue guest editor about growth, preservation and the importance of expression

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Behind the Scenes With 100x1x2 in Saint John, N.B.

A conversation with creator Jalianne Li

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Skepticism and Hope: The Fight for Fair Pay at Révolution

Season 4 of the popular televised dance competition is underway and the show’s pay is increasing after a concerted push from dancers. But is it enough?

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Behind the Scenes With Dark Horse Dance Projects 2022

To Dark Horse, supporting a healthy dance ecosystem means supporting creation

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Behind The Scenes With Indigenous Enterprise at Fall for Dance North 2022

The dance troupe aims to amplify narratives of Indigenous identity through dance and storytelling

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Why Albertan Audiences Are Different From Any Other in Canada

Directors and producers Jean Grand-Maître, Nicole Mion, Les Sereda and Brian Webb discuss the uniqueness of creating in the Prairies

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The Battle of Body Shame

If body shaming is more than words,how do we create dance education spaces free of it?

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The School of Toronto Dance Theatre Ushers in a Student-Centred Curriculum

After appointing new artistic and pedagogical director Sasha Ivanochko, the school enters a transformational time

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In Tribute: Tedd Robinson 

Robinson is remembered across Canada for his generosity as an artist and a mentor

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Pitch Us for our Winter 2023 Issue

Guest edited by Swadhi Ranganee


In Tribute: Jini Stolk

She steered dozens of performing arts organizations towards sustainability and inspired generations of Toronto’s arts leaders

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2022 Audition Directory

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Peggy Baker Dance Projects Closes with a Bang

After more than 30 years, the dance company offers three new presentations to bid goodbye to its audiences

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Worth a Thousand Words

Multidisciplinary dance artists share their visual works

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What Mindfulness Can Teach Us About Performance

With video by Jaimie Nackan

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The Oxford Handbook of Hip Hop Dance Studies

Only recently has hip hop entered the world of academia; once difficult to find, tangible resources and archived materials have slowly become more accessible

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