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Tessa Perkins Deneault is an arts journalist and freelance writer based in Surrey, British Columbia. An alumna and staff member of Simon Fraser University, she has contributed to publications including Dance International and the Dance Collection Danse magazine. Writings about all things arts can be found on her website, Centre Stage.

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Tessa Perkins Deneault

How Our Brains Connect Music and Movement

Researchers at McMaster University’s LIVELab weigh in on the connection between music and movement following the lab’s 18th annual NeuroMusic Conference

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Matriarchs Uprising Leaves Us Wanting to Dive Deeper Into Our Roots

The annual festival shares Indigenous women’s stories of identity and ancestry


Isolation and Connection Converge in Voices of Mountains

With choreography by Aria Evans, the performance fuses opera and dance. Available to stream until July 15.


Wanted Rides the Line Between Campy and Cool

CAMP’s swaggering cowboy comedy considers good and evil at Vancouver International Dance Festival


Margaret Grenier Wins Walter Carsen Prize for Excellence in the Performing Arts

Grenier is the first Indigenous artist to be awarded the prize


My Vancouver Dance History: Story, Movement, Community by Peter Dickinson

The book delves into a decade of contemporary dance in Vancouver but also highlights a barrier between two segments of the city’s dance community


Loud and Brave

Alyssa Martin’s company, Rock Bottom Movement, won two Dora Mavor Moore Awards this year, but she now realizes that they may not be as transformational as she once thought.

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Upon Four Pillars

Olivia C. Davies brings ceremony home in Wishing Well at Dancing on the Edge


Dance Interventions

Talking with two teachers who work with Parkinson’s patients

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Where Are All the Women?

In an industry where women outnumber men, ballet still has a long way to go to achieve gender equality

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