Diving Deep: Valerie Calam

A series of conversations with mid-career contemporary dance artists

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New Season Reads

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Stillness-23 web

The Creative Gesture

Banff Centre for Arts and Creativity

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WEB Simon Portugal and Lael Stellick in Chorus II by Sasha Kleinplatz : Photo by Veronique Mackenzie

Moving Beyond the Pas-de-Deux

Four Montréal-based dance artists discuss gender in contemporary dance

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I Don't Get It_ Andrew Paul web

Canadian Dance Goes Audio

Radio and Podcasts Take the Stage

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Sylvain in Studio Photo by Michael Slobodian

Ballet BC Rehearsal Director Sylvain Senez Retires

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Habitual Gestures

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DSC5299 web

Into the Tao is Full of Street Dance Soul

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Out_of_Season_Photo Dejan Stifanic web

Cross-Canada Checkup

Canada Dance Festival takes the pulse of dance in Canada

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CCB_Apr16_Rehearsal_0006 web

Lucilla Munaretto Returns to the Stage

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0 ACE_DanceUmbrella_PatinLibre_M9A7071 web

Skating on the (B)rink

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The Invisible Injury

Two dancers discuss concussions in dance and the recognition, treatment, prevention and significance of this often misunderstood brain injury

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Kharen Hill2 web

Chan Hon Goh on Change and Giving Back

The principal dancer turned teacher and her cross-Canada master class tour

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Liquid Leading

Breaking Ballroom Traditions

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Illustration by Tanya Lupo WEB

Exclusion in Inclusion

Male dancers are in high demand, but at what expense does the dance world seek to encourage their participation?

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dancescope image v2

Dancescopes 2016

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Screen Shot 2015-11-21 at 11

Weaving the Threads of Collaboration: Ten Years of The Whole Shebang

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Calm Amid the Chaos

An Interview with Lara Kramer on her new work Tame

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2 Colleen Snell Philippe Poirier Photo by Mallory Lynn WEB

Choreographic Residencies Across The Country

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Yuichiro Inoue, Naishi Wang, Alana Elmer, Pulga Muchochoma and Jarrett Siddall in Returning Empathis by Peter Chin : Photo by Ömer K

Is Everyone a Critic?

Changing Paradigms in Dance Criticism

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Jumping New High Quality

Emerging with Resilience

Eking Out a Life in Dance

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Amelia Ehrhardt Yuula Benivolski

SummerWorks Performance Festival Turns Twenty-Five and Formally Invites Dance Out

Interview with Amelia Ehrhardt – SummerWorks Dance Curator

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dv head 8 mailer web

A Meeting of Minds

Merce Cunningham archivist David Vaughan and Pepper Fajans at Montréal’s Fringe Festival

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Ds_5284 web

Dance and Objecthood

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