Ryan Bradshaw

Regional Reporter 2021/22 Saskatchewan

Ryan Bradshaw (he/him) is a Queer performance poet and burlesque artist based in Saskatoon, with strong ties to several dance communities in the city. His first stage appearance as a poet took place in 2010, a collaboration with Free Flow Dance Theatre Company. Since then, he has produced 10 poetic stage shows, and has continued working with dancers whenever the opportunity arises. As a troupe member of the Rosebud Burlesque Club, Bradshaw (aka Conrad Fusion) has taken the stage at the Vancouver, Edmonton and Saskatchewan International Burlesque Festivals, and at events in Toronto and New Orleans. 

Writing and performing aside, Bradshaw is a birder, nature lover, hobby photographer and adventurer. He grew up in Ontario and has lived in several locations around Canada, his instincts eventually leading him to Saskatchewan. He loves being a tourist in his own province, exploring its landscapes, culture and art.

Bradshaw is part of The Dance Current’s 2021/22 Regional Reporter Program, covering Saskatchewan. 

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Ryan Bradshaw