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Insatiable and Inspired

Decidedly Jazz Danceworks’ Better Get Hit in Your Soul illustrates the tumultuous history of Charles Mingus

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Male Anger and Female Passion

Physicalizing and Reinterpreting the Historical Contexts of Jazz in Kimberly Cooper’s Better Get Hit in Your Soul

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Ascension: Intimate Conversations

Simon Fraser University Student Production Dec. 2018

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Ascension: A Discussion Between the Disciplines

Simon Fraser University Student Production Dec. 2018

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Contact: This is an Experiment

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Madison Smart, picture by Derek Liu

The Hidden Value of a Dance Education

Transferrable Skills

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The Next Step

Encouraging Words from Five People in the Know

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Learning to Learn

Process and Determination

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Bananas : Photo by Charlotte Priest

Unlocking My Creative Potential

From Dance to Devising

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York Dance Ensemble stage manager, Meghan Maguire

Hand in Hand: Emerging Artists Creating Together

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choreographer -Nien Tzu Weng - dancers - Manuel Shink - Camille Lacelle-Wilsey - Eryn Tempest

Perspectives and Possibilities in Dance at University

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Auditions, Exams and Careers, Oh My!

Advice for the Future from Teachers at NBS

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Dream a Little Dream resized

Accessible Dance: Inclusive Movement on the Rise in the Nation’s Capital

Dance. Rehearse. Work. Sleep. Repeat. Include?

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Decisions, Decisions!

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Group photo Nostos

Nostos – a fresh perspective on the past

A production by Simon Fraser University’s Contemporary Dance Program

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