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Cassandra Wiesner is a dance artist in Toronto, recently graduated from York University with an undergraduate degree in Dance and a minor in English.  Over the past five years she has worked with artists such as Carol Anderson, Darcey Callison, Helen Jones, Holly Small and Julia Sasso, to name a few. In 2011 through 2012 Wiesner worked closely with Holly Small for the York Dance Ensemble (YDE), touring to Sudbury with the performance company, as well as performing in One Last Laugh by Pamela Rasbach, Turbulence by Shannon Roberts and the final YDE show entitled Tangled. She has more recently worked with Daniel McArthur in his The Board is Set, the Pieces Are Moving, made possible by YA! Dance Company, and with fellow colleague Courtney Lindberg in her Lamenté

Along with her passion for dance, Wiesner shows great interest in literature and visual art. 


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Cassandra Wiesner