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Dina Ginzburg


Dina Ginzburg is a fourth year English Specialist at the University of Toronto. Since 2015, she has held positions as an associate editor and assistant editor-in-chief for IDIOM, the English undergraduate journal. Her other involvements at the University of Toronto include editor for film magazine Cinema Six, campus theatre through the Victoria College Drama Society, and contributions to The Strand newspaper. Dina has had eleven years of ballet training, both at private academies and the National Ballet of Canada Associates program. 

Dina Ginzburg's Work

Robert Stephen, Brent Parolin, Skylar Campbell as Pinocchio and Alexandra MacDonald in The National Ballet of Canada’s Pinocchio / Photo by Aleksandar Antonijevic
Emerging Arts Critics Programme

Will Tuckett’s Pinocchio: A Canadian Talkie Ballet

By Dina Ginzburg

From plaid-clad, bearded lumberjacks, to backdrops evoking Group of Seven paintings, to a monstrous whale inhabiting the waters of a Nova Scotian fishing village, The National Ballet of Canada’s Pinocchio pays homage to the country hosting British choreographer Will Tuckett.

Emerging Arts Critics Programme


By Dina Ginzburg

A great performance requires more than exquisite technique, as National Ballet of Canada principal dancers Sonia Rodriguez and Guillaume Côté continue to prove.