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Choreographing Community

“You have to almost fall out of love before you’re going to open up to other possibilities,” recalls Karen Jamieson, of her journey into community-engaged dance. A Canadian pioneer of the practice, Jamieson shares with Brittany Duggan how this practice spread through Vancouver and how it was “utterly different from professional dance” as she had previously known and practised it. By Brittany Duggan


One Waltz, One Requiem

Waltz and Slaughterhouse/Requiem form a double bill of powerful and compelling solo work danced by Belinda McGuire. Both are world premieres, one constructed by Sylvain Émard and one by McGuire herself. By Colleen Snell


On the Ground

The Dance Current asked her about her path into the company and how she balances her busy dance career with other commitments. By Grace Smith


A Tale of (Residency in) Two Cities

In the past few years, two of Canada’s most prominent contemporary dance companies have been shifting their perspective away from the traditional company structure, and the resulting expectations, toward creation hubs. The idea is to serve the evolving needs of the choreographic community. Now, Dancemakers Centre for Creation and Centre de Création O Vertigo (CCOV) are teaming up to create a cross-city artistic bridge between Toronto and Montréal.


Dancing to Learn

Dancing To Learn

Dancing to Learn shows students at Perth Avenue Public School and dance educator Arwyn Carpenter in action – exploring, creating and moving together in the gymnasium. Peppered with comments from the students and Carpenter’s insightful articulation, the video demonstrates the benefits and transferrable skills facilitated through dance.


The Ultimate Canadian Stage Dance-Lover’s Experience

Canadian Stage invites you to experience unforgettable dance during their thirtieth Anniversary season! Enter to win a VIP dance show package for two, including: Two premium seats at the opening night performance of three select Canadian Stage dance productions, a post-show reception and a complimentary dinner for two at a partner restaurant.* Sponsored by Canadian Stage


STEM From Dance

STEM From Dance is a non-profit organization that combines dance and STEM to empower young girls and encourage them to pursue this predominately male field. It gives young women in low-income communities the opportunity to learn coding and discover a unique form of creativity.


The Embodied Remnants of Relationships Past and Present

Joshua Beamish’s Saudade, which was commissioned by Theater Freiburg in Germany, takes its name from a Portuguese word for having a deep incompleteness and recognizing that feeling as familiar. For the men performing, this idea comes across as a variety of relationship-based scenarios – romantic or not. The work depicts a range of relationships that we can relate to, those that are fleeting for us and others that have been lasting. By Brittany Duggan


Reflections from Karen Kain

As The National Ballet of Canada prepares for their international tour, Karen Kain reflects on her twelfth year as artistic director.


Expressive Bodies and Digital Cultures

What is at stake for dancers and the dance profession in the face of technological advances? Dena Davida explores this question, based on her experiences at Symposium IX, presented by Audiokinetic and organized at/by the Société des arts technologiques (SAT) in Montréal, Québec, from May 30th through June 3rd, 2017. By Dena Davida


Writers & Readers

Read Canadian dance pioneer Zab Maboungou’s response to the current dialogue around pluralism in the arts. By Zab Maboungou


Melting, Mourning and a Series of Impossible Tasks

In June of 2017 Brandy Leary was part of The Arctic Circle’s Summer Solstice Expedition. She reflects on this residency program, which brings together international artists, scientists, architects and educators who collectively explore remote and fascinating locations aboard an ice-class tall ship (Antigua). The residency takes place in the international territory of Svalbard, a mountainous Arctic archipelago just ten degrees from the North Pole.