Richard Three

Withrow Park 725 Logan Ave, Toronto, ON

In this new work centred on disability and inspired by Shakespeare, we find ourselves in the winter of our discontent as a multi-versal collision brings two ideologically opposing Richards of Gloucester face-to-face. Both Richards must collaborate through this once-in-a-lifetime cosmological event to secure the crown. Alex Bulmer (Perceptual Archaeology) and Alexia Vassos (Pink Is In) take on the roles of...


Moving Parts

Withrow Park 725 Logan Ave, Toronto, ON

Moving Parts takes audiences on a journey through the many facets of human emotion and experience. Presented as part of Dusk Dances at Withrow Park, July 30 - August 6, 2023. Excerpts of this work for 6 dancers, a live band and a moving choir were presented at Dusk Dances in 2019 and at the DanceWorks 40th anniversary event in...


Dusk Dances Withrow Park 2022

Withrow Park 725 Logan Ave, Toronto, ON

Dusk Dances is an outdoor dance festival that brings dance to public parks. As dusk descends, host Fly Lady Di will lead the audience to four dance pieces that unfold in different areas of the park. Dusk Dances is thrilled to be returning to Withrow Park (Toronto), after two pandemic years. This year, the event is curated by lead curator, Sofi GudiƱo, and features works by...