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FilmFest by Rogue Dancer: Born THIS Way edition

Sep 23, 2022 - Oct 9, 2022

Sep 23, 2022 Oct 9, 2022

FilmFest by Rogue Dancer is a dance film festival that offers a monthly curated on-line screening exclusively for dance films. ‘Born THIS Way’ aims to provide a fly on the wall perspective on dancefilm artists addressing the question of the self.

Featured DANCE Filmmakers:
Annemijn Hélène Rijk (NETHERLANDS), Azize Sousami (UK), Alexander Petit Olivieri, Alia Swersky & Roel Seeber (USA), Naoto Iina (JAPAN), Didier Mulleras (FRANCE), Sean Rosado (USA), Jan Palmblad (SWEDEN), Phil Sanger & YDT Studios (UK), Donald C. Shorter Jr (USA), Alexander Petit Olivieri (USA), Xinyuan Li (CHINA), Kim Requesto (USA), José Alberto Andrés Lacasta (SPAIN), Charlie Luccini (FRANCE) & Jill Crovisier (LUXUMBOURG/ TAIWAN)