Volume 23, Issue 4

July/August 2020

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Table of Contents / Features
In this issue:

“Andrew Nemr: Welcome to Tap Dance Land” by Philip Szporer, “Out of Studio” by Alvin Collantes, Mika Manning and Marlowe Porter, “Spinning Around Stigma” by Kendra Guidolin, “How Do You Understand Your Work As Queer?” by Stephen Low, “Faye and Bryant Lopez: ‘Like Fred Astaire dancing on the wall’.” By Leah Borts-Kuperman, “Tatiana Lerebours: An Apprenticeship Full of Obstacles” By Dylan Schoenmakers, “The List: What inspires Lisa Odjig?”, “Dancing (or not) Through Loss” by Kathleen Rea, “What About the Teachers?”, “The Home Studio” by Dr. Blessyl Buan, “Reflections on the role of the dancer during the COVID-19 crisis”, a message from the Canadian Dance Assembly.