Introducing: Currently in Dance with Esie Mensah

Episode Notes

Inspired by stories from The Dance Current, Canada’s national dance magazine, this summer podcast features rich conversations about the issues affecting dance communities and society at large. Hosted by dance artist Esie Mensah and released every two weeks.


Esie Mensah: Hello, I’m Esie Mensah. I’m a multidisciplinary dance artist in Toronto. I’ve worked at Shaw Festival, Soul Pepper Theatre, danced for Rihanna, Drake, Arcade Fire, Jully Black and Nelly Furtado to name a few. I’m also the founder of Esie Mensah creations. And now I’m hosting The Dance Current‘s new summer podcast, Currently in Dance. On the pod, you’ll hear rich conversations about the issues affecting dance communities and society at large, all inspired by stories and Canada’s national dance magazine. For our first episode, we have Mavis Staines in studio. Mavis is the CEO and artistic director of Canada’s National Ballet School. She’s here to talk about systemic issues within educational institutions, and what real change looks like.

Mavis Staines Interview Clip: This is about being accountable in the best possible sense of the word. Not looking for any of us to be perfect, because that doesn’t exist. But if you can own when you realize that you’ve made a choice that you won’t make again, and that you’ve learned from it, then everybody feels safe to be human.

Esie Mensah: Our first episode drops June 16. Find us wherever you get your podcasts. Currently in Dance is brought to you by The Dance Current with support of Canadian Heritage. The Dance Currentgratefully acknowledges Currently in Dance season sponsors Timothy Ziegler and The Shoe Room at Canada’s National Ballet School. Subscribe, listen and don’t forget to move.


Host: Esie Mensah 

Producer: Ashley Fraser 

Consulting producer: Nicole Inica Hamilton 

Executive producer: Grace Wells-Smith 

Composer and editor: Jamar Powell