Market Hall Performing Arts Centre 140 Charlotte St, Peterborough, ON

In-ward is a hip-hop about the human psyche. Choreographer Alexandra 'Spicey' Lande and six dancers aim to plunge us into the deep waters of the conscious and unconscious. Forced to live together and form a group, they navigate between the temptations of solitude and of closeness, and the threat of conflicts. Accompanying the dance is sound designed by hip-hop beat...


Digital Dervish + Flamenco Sonic

Market Hall Performing Arts Centre 140 Charlotte St, Peterborough, ON

A multimedia work by UK artist Hedy Hurban that combines original digital projections, live performance and wearabe technology. The sema of the Dervish aims to blur the lines between dance and meditation while symbolically expressing the formation of the universe and man’s transference of love and respect to God. The duende is the expression of the soul for a Flamenco dancer: a flame that is...

$5 – $25

Heirloom / Peterborough

Peterborough Square Court 140 Charlotte St., Peterborough

Toronto’s international dance festival returns to Peterborough for a celebration of contemporary dance, circus and juggling, set to live music. This year’s full-length Heirloom program, In Blue Rooms, features a fusion of juggling, contemporary circus, dance and object manipulation, set to an arrangement of familiar compositions from The Royal Conservatory musicians and performed outdoors in the Peterborough Square Courtyard.


Unexploded Ordnance

The Theatre on King 171 King Street, Peterborough, ON

Marking Armistice Day, actor/writer Ryan Kerr aims to take audiences on a journey through World War 1. Theatre, live music, dance and projections combine in a multi-media performance. The show hopes to examine the impact of trauma and the struggle to heal. CONTENT WARNING: Non-graphic reference to sexual assault. Non-graphic descriptions of war-time violence. Masks required and will be provided...



Market Hall Performing Arts Centre 140 Charlotte St, Peterborough, ON

The Anishinaabe of Grassy Narrows are resilient. They are stitching their fractured landscapes back together from the impact of mercury poisoning. Using dance, movement, sound and storytelling, the Dora-award winning Waawaate Fobister aims to embody Omaagomaan, a two-spirit being and a manifestation of the earth and man-made poisons that have seeped into the earth’s crust. A fierce shape-shifter inspired by...

$5 – $25

Sex Dalmatian

Market Hall Performing Arts Centre 140 Charlotte St, Peterborough, ON

Sex Dalmatian is an evening-length dance theatre glam drama. It follows a fiercely careerist anthropomorphized talking dog named Sex Dalmatian. Created by the award winning, critically acclaimed Toronto-based absurdist dance company Rock Bottom Movement, the show aims to centre a feminist perspective and a playful tone. Sex Dalmatian tries to place heavy feelings into bizarre containers and shine a humorous...

$5 – $25