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2015/2016 Season Picks

Summer is the season of outdoor festivals and a time spent close to nature’s elements, but it is also a time for thinking ahead and planning for the fall. At The Dance Current we’re already looking forward to the autumn and thought you might like a glance at what’s coming up across the country.

Bex in Motion

Acrobatic tricks, fire poi, double staff and multiple fire hoop all in one act at this summer’s Toronto International BuskerFest.

Animation: a Child of Popping

Hip hop as a genre is perpetually growing its scope. Can you imagine what animation, a sub-sub-category of the genre, looks like?


#TBT ten years to the premiere of Vivarta – Manifestations Of Vishnu by Sampradaya Dance Creations as the company celebrates twenty-five years.

Silent Survivors

Silent Survivors is the story of the Indian residential school experience told through song, traditional dance and creative expression.

Miha Matevzic

Toronto-based choreographer and videographer Miha Matevzic lends his style to a new Snoop Dogg song.

A Good Madness – The Dance of Rachel Browne

Full-length dance documentary A Good Madness – The Dance of Rachel Browne featured at dance: made in canada festival.

Bird Girls

Duet featuring Tate McRae (age 11) and Briar Nolet (age 16), both Stars Academy Talent artists, with choreography by Stephanie Rutherford of Toronto-based Rutherford Movement Exchange.

Schizes sur le sundae

Schizes sur le sundae is a collaboratively created work by Catherine Lavoie-Marcus and Michel F Côté, with the help of interpreters Kelly Keenan, Lael Stellick and Magali Stoll.

Small Itch

Short dancefilm made in BC by Aya Garcia, Deanna Peters, Ashley Whitehead and Paul Finlay is screening at the American Dance Festival’s 2015 International Screendance Festival July 19 at Nasher Museum in Durham, NC.

Good Fortune Drinks Too Much

Collective members Mike Czuba, Melissa Tuplin, Nathaniel Schmidt and Larry Lamont are more than just performers, they’re scientists who research, explore and deconstruct theatre, challenge aesthetics on a visceral scale, bridge artistic communities and create new works through interdisciplinary collaborations.

Viva Dance Company

Edmonton-based Viva Dance Company is taking their show Dreamscape: Our Dreams Told Through Dance on the fringe festival circuit. Get a glimpse at this emotive work in a beautifully shot promotional video.

Journey in Sensuality

After the international success and critical acclaim of Breath Made Visible, a documentary about Anna Halprin’s life and art, Journey in Sensuality – Anna Halprin and Rodin brings new insight into Halprin’s influential artistic work, using the sculptures of Auguste Rodin as a container for visually stunning dances on the beaches and in the forests of California.

Urban Legends at Toronto's Fringe Festival

Urban dance a nice fit in the Fringe festival formula.

Cane Dancing at Bees' Knees

Toronto’s Phil Bourassa – seen here in humorous outtakes while attempting to film a review video for a cane class – lives and breathes Lindy Hop.

Method of Loci

Shot in Canada and presented abroad, the dancefilm Method of Loci is of a man walking through his own mental landscape, relying on association with spatial relationships to establish, order and recollect.

Researching Book of Love

This video captures the research for Book of Love, a new piece of choreography by Kokoro Dance’s Jay Hirabayashi, performed at EDAM Studio Theatre in Vancouver for EDAM’s choreographic series in May, 2015.

Beatbox Gma

Elderly woman breaks it down on the streets of Brussels.

The Art of Improvisation

Toronto’s Iana Komarnytska presents an evening of Arabic and Persian music and dance.


José Navas creates new work inspired by Montréal.

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