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Van Grimde Corps Secrets: The Body in Question(s)

By Julye Huggins

- contains nudity -
Running May 28th through June 1st, the Montréal-based company Van Grimde Corps Secrets presents The Body in Question(s) at the 6th edition of the Festival TransAmériques. This work by Isabelle Van Grimde, with performer Soula Trougakos, is an exhibit-show that brings together sound, visual and multimedia artists to create a reflective study of the body and the lenses of nature, culture, science and technology. As further described on the company’s website: “A man plays with his digital double while the genome of a dancer is inscribed on a painting. A foetus lies dormant in an aquarium a few strides away from imaginary anatomical charts. Free to move around, the spectator-visitor lingers at the edge of a forest of white string inhabited by unpredictable words and movements, mere inches away from the breath of a dancer and a close-up image of human skin…”Be sure to check out the Summer 2006 issue of The Dance Current print magazine for an article on Isabelle Van Grimde.
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