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Verge 2017
Verge (Winnipeg's Contemporary Dancers' Emerging Artists Company)


Performance | Spectacle

Winnipeg MB
February 8-9 février 2018
8:00 | 20:00

Flesh+Machine by Danielle Sturk / Image courtesy of the presenter
Danielle Sturk


Performance | Spectacle

Winnipeg MB
November 30-2 décembre 2017
8:00 | 20:00
Contemporary, Multidisciplinary

Toronto Tango Film Festival, presented by Rhythm & Motion Dance Studio and Cinefilia Tanguera

Toronto Tango Film Festival

Festival | Festival

Toronto ON
October 13-15 octobre 2017
Various times

Momentum Dance Toronto, Sarah Choi

Lights Dance Festival

Festival | Festival

Toronto ON
June 18 juin 2017
6:30 | 18:30

Carmine De Amicis and Harriet Waghorn in Edifice by Rogerio Silva

Contact Dance International Film Festival: Riding a Wave of Humanity

Festival | Festival

Toronto ON
June 28-2 juillet 2017
Various dates and times | Spectacles à différentes dates et heures

Phases of Dance: An Animated Short

Four months of production, with over 2100 individual drawings, culminates in three minutes of bachata technique expressed in animation. Phases of Dance by illustrator, animator, bachata dancer and instructor Iveta Karpathyova explores the movement potential of rotoscoping in documenting embodied knowledge.

The Indexical Dance-a-Thon Documentation

Evann Siebens presented an overview of her multimedia exhibition, The Indexical, Alphabetized, Mediated, Archival Dance-a-Thon!


Multidisciplinary artists, including Vancouver-based dance collective OURO, revisit Maud Van Breemen’s film Pink.

A Man of Dance

This new documentary features the life and times of Québec dancer, curator and historian Vincent Warren.


New Season Reads

By Emma Kerson

Whether you’re headed back to school or not, the September air always brings about the feeling of education. If you’re looking to expand your horizons with dance literature this fall, here are a couple of new books we feel are worth adding to your reading list.

On the Ground

Finding Rhythm, Finding Soul: Q & A with Alexandra Clancy

By Denise Solleza

Vancouver tap dancer Alexandra Clancy explores the intersections of the contemporary and the traditional.

Constance Cooke, Pamela Millar, Kayla Jeanson

Screendance Intensive 2016

Intensive | Atelier

Winnipeg MB
August 8-20 août 2016


Dynamic and hypnotic, Hanna Kiel’s work Armband (2015) is shared here in a series of bite-size excerpts.

Atelier de flamenco avec Juan Carlos Lérida

A video montage filmed by Miguel Medina around on a workshop presented by La Otra Orilla and featuring the flamenco artist Juan Carlos Lérida of Seville, Spain.

605 Collective

Festival of Recorded Movement

Festival | Festival

Vancouver BC
June 17-19 juin 2016

Meet the Era

Meet the Era is a short, powerful documentary that explores the meaning of Chicago footwork, a form that speaks to a very particular time, place and culture.

Alterity Problem's Doing My Rounds, Checking Some Rounds

The September/October 2015 print article “Performing and Forming: Choreocinema in the media art of Emily Pelstring” discusses the technology and methods Pelstring used to create Doing My Rounds, Checking Some Rounds. The footage she created was edited together as a music video for Alterity Problem’s (Alex Moskos and Joel Taylor) composition of the same name.

A Ballerina's Tale

A Ballerina’s Tale is an intimate look at Misty Copeland of American Ballet Theatre during a crucial period of her life. The documentary will premiere at the Vancouver International Film Festival.

A Good Madness – The Dance of Rachel Browne

Full-length dance documentary A Good Madness – The Dance of Rachel Browne featured at dance: made in canada festival.

La Otra Orilla


Performance | Spectacle

Montréal  QC
January 27-6 février 2016
Flamenco, Contemporary

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