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Fundamental Questions

In July of 2016, Banff Centre ran a residency designed to answer the need for professional development opportunities for mid-career dance artists. By the end of the program, only five of the original ten participants remained. This is what happened. By Mark Mann


Dancing Through Migraines and Other Pains

These are times in which we need to bear witness. The impetus for Nova Bhattacharya’s latest work, Infinite Storms, came from her experience living with migraines yet speaks to a greater, universal suffering. How do we persevere through pain? By Aparita Bhandari


Don't Forget the Money!

Don’t Forget the Money! is the first in a new series of forums presented by Mississauga’s Blackwood Gallery called Working with Concepts. The public discussion was aimed at navigating the unique labour processes within the artistic discipline of dance.



Post No Bills Excerpts - Kitt Johnson solo

Kitt Johnson presents an extended excerpt of her award-winning solo POST NO BILLS.


Healthy Dancer

Je-An Salas Leavens recommends the following exercises during the postpartum period. By Blessyl Buan


Experience the Russian National Ballet Theatre’s Swan Lake

Enter for your chance to win four tickets to the opening night of the Russian National Ballet Theatre’s production of Swan Lake sponsored by the Flato Markham Theatre.


The Artist Within

Episode 1 | The Artist Within | Behind the Scenes

A behind-the-scenes look at Winnipeg-based GeNie Baffoe’s new work on the balancing acts required for an artist’s career


A Thrill in the Air

Alias Dance Project presents through your eyes, a double bill celebrating the company’s tenth anniversary. Transforming space and distorting time, through your eyes plays with perception and familiarity. By Colleen Snell


The Canadian Society for Dance Studies

In February 2017, the board of directors of the Canadian Society for Dance Studies / La Société canadienne d’études en dance and the organization’s founder, Amy Bowring, announced its dissolution, citing low membership renewals and consequently less access to administrative funding.



Brandy Leary and Soraya Peerbaye launch a project looking to make understandings of contemporary dance performance to be more inclusive and more diverse By Aparita Bhandari


Emerging Dance Critics Programme

From plaid-clad, bearded lumberjacks, to backdrops evoking Group of Seven paintings, to a monstrous whale inhabiting the waters of a Nova Scotian fishing village, The National Ballet of Canada’s Pinocchio pays homage to the country hosting British choreographer Will Tuckett. By Dina Ginzburg


Maud Allan and The Vision of Salomé

In 1996, Canada’s dance archive and museum, Dance Collection Danse, received a gem of a donation – the famous (and risqué for the time) Salomé costume worn by one of modern dance’s founding figures, Maud Allan.