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Gerry Trentham

Moving Voice/Voice Body

Workshop | Classe
  • Gerry Trentham

Toronto ON
March 27-31 mars 2017

Dancemakers’ Centre for Creation
The Distillery District, 55 Mill Street, The Cannery, Bldg. 58, Suite 313
$15-$75 | 15$-75$

The workshop will be informative for performers of all forms including art enthusiasts. Since this voice training is focused on the individual needs of the speaker all levels in various performance forms can learn together.   For performers of all forms the work is designed to synthesize physical and vocal work to unearth a deeper presence and enliven their creative practice.  For dancers exceptionally trained to dance and who achieve deep presence and range in moving on stage this work encourages a similar presence and range in the text.  Without voice and text training dancers are limited to a confining range of personal habit patterns that create limited choices for the choreographer who wishes to use text in their work. Performed works can become uneven between forms when performers can not approach the text in the way they can achieve great specificity and range in the dance or movement or vise versa.  Limitations with text or movement affect the inspirational nature of the works overall presence. However performers exceptionally trained in one performance form are quick learners. They simply need to transfer their performance training. The vocal training can provide artists with a range of vocal choices from their audible natural voice to an embodied theatrical performance. For twenty years Gerry Trentham has researched the most effective way to transform the dancer presence into text and actors presence into movement. whether used on stage or elsewhere the training builds confidence in speech and helps unearth the artist’s voice both practically and metaphorically.

For registration and more information visit tolovein.com.

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