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Propeller Dance

Living the Desirable Life

Performance | Spectacle
  • Propeller Dance, Living the Desirable Life. Photo by Andrew Balfour

Ottawa ON
June 23-24 juin 2017
7:30 | 19:30

Presented by | Diffusé par: Great Canadian Theatre Company
Great Canadian Theatre Company, Irving Greenberg Theatre Centre
1233 Wellington St. W
www.gctc.ca, 613-236-5196

Integrated dance choreographer Renata Soutter’s latest creation was built in collaboration with the Propeller Company artists. This new work pieces together our artful lived experiences of joy and oppression. In a style that is abstract, real and contemporary; Soutter and the Company have unearthed vignettes that mix activism, love, and sparkly things. Propeller’s ensemble of eight performers take us through a raucous romp that reflects our overarching needs and wants for love, understanding… and good footwear! The refrain of desirable lives achieved through fight, flight and pride will have you laughing, crying and yelling out loud.

More information can be found here.

Relaxed matinee for invited audiences June 21, 2:00pm. Enquire through info@propellerdance.com

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