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Marie France Forcier



Marie France Forcier is the artistic director of the Toronto based company Forcier Stage Works. Her choreographic work has been presented in multiple North American, European and Asian venues. As an independent performer, she has toured extensively in disciplines including dance, family theatricals and aerial circus. She is currently an MFA candidate in contemporary choreography at York University.      

Marie France Forcier's Work

Creating Safe Spaces

By Marie France Forcier

In light of cases and allegations of abuse made by former students at different dance training institutions in this country, Marie France Forcier discusses safety with professionals of varying expertise. They provide suggestions about what teachers, studio owners and parents need to know about protecting young dancers and how to create environments that will support them.


The Leap: Bold Moments in Time

35th Annual Alberta Dance Festival By Marie France Forcier The 35th Annual Alberta Dance Festival | The Leap: Bold Moments in Time

Strong Albertan ties was the common denominator for the ten choreographers selected by Dancers’ Studio West to present work as part of the Annual Alberta Dance Festival. Bold moments in time was the broad thematic glue binding their works into a couple of distinct programs.


By Marie France Forcier

With a style that pushes at boundaries, contemporary Indian dance artist Natasha Bakht draws on her expertise in diverse fields to explore the role of the everyday rituals of Muslim women in Canadian consciousness in her new work for Fall for Dance North.


SummerWorks Performance Festival Turns Twenty-Five and Formally Invites Dance Out

Interview with Amelia Ehrhardt – SummerWorks Dance Curator By Marie France Forcier

Since the winter of 2014, Toronto-based dance artist Amelia Ehrhardt has been exponentially developing her curatorial profile through the umbrella of Flowchart, a self-founded, small-scale multidisciplinary performance series. Garnering recognition for the quality of her work, Ehrhardt is now SummerWorks’ first dance curator, right in time for the performance festival’s twenty-fifth anniversary.

Studio Now

Alternative Models at hub14 By Marie France Forcier

Feats and Fêtes

Les 7 doigts de la main named 2014 Artists for Peace By Marie France Forcier

Confluences - On the Screen

Danser! presented by the Québec arts TV channel, Ici ARTV By Marie France Forcier

Talking Mentorship

Claudia Moore and Amanda Davis on the CSARN Mentorship Program By Marie France Forcier

Mentorship creates opportunities for emerging artists to benefit from the wealth of experience that established artists carry within themselves. But mature artists also get something out of the relationship. By encouraging them to stay connected to developments within the field, mentors gain insight about emerging trends and realities while transmitting valuable knowledge about the changing history of life as a dancer.


Christine Wright By Marie France Forcier

Confluences: On the Screen

Filmmaker Élisabeth Desbiens: Dancing the City By Marie France Forcier

A go-getter, blessed with a creative disposition that includes a love for writing and a degree in film, the transition from dance artist to filmmaker occurred naturally for Élisabeth Desbiens.

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